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Son Light Book of Bible Maps
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This Spiral Bound book of Bible Maps lies flat for easier study. Each map is sized to a full page and printed with larger print. Maps are printed in color. Full page Modern Day Overlays, with today's countries and cities printed in red are bound in front of their corresponding Bible Times maps, allowing you to "place" Bible Events in Today's World.

The Son Light Book of Bible Maps includes over 50 pages of Maps, Charts, Study Guides, and a Master Index listing every place named in the Bible. That's over 2000 locations, including over 250 Modern Day place names!

Includes: Wilderness Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, Herod's Temple, Era of the Exodus with MD Overlay (2 pages), Bible Lands with MD Overlay (2 pages), Bible Lands Topographical, Israel with MD Overlay (2 pages), New Testament Jerusalem, Mid-East Map with MD Overlay (2 pages), Mid-East Topographical, Paul's Journeys Study Map and References (2 pages), Paul's Journeys maps and Study Guide (8 pages), Northern Israel Topographical, Southern Israel Topographical, Tribes in Northern Israel, Tribes in Southern Israel, 3D Jerusalem Map, History of Israel Timeline (4 pages), Kingdoms of Daniel (4 pages), Master Index (12 pages).

Customer Reviews

Review by  Dru F. Spluga
(posted on Jun 19, 2011)
I purchased the Son Light Bible Maps (spiral bound) a couple of years back. I am just now starting to use the book in more indepth studies. I also have the Then and Now Bible Maps book by Rose Publishing. The Son Light Books is hands down the more indepth book. I also have been using the software program Bible Mapper (which I love) ....however many of the locations that I look for are not listed in the program. Once again.....Son Light Bible Map Book.....comes to the rescue!!!! I am able to locate the area in the Son Light and manually insert it in the Bible Mapper program.
Long story short....if you are serious about getting into study with bible mapping......Sonlight would be the 1st choice.
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